Revelstoke U-Brew & Vinoka’s CiderPress Ciders

Not impressed with the taste of beer? Why not try out some ciders? The Revelstoke U-Brew carries a full line of ciders to try. Vinoka’s refreshing and cool first class Sparkling Cider kits will fill the spot of the ‘un-beer’ for the home brewer and winemaker. Our ciders contain only natural fruit flavours and fruit juice concentrates and are of unsurpassed quality. Try ‘CiderPress’ and experience the quality and flavour of Vinoka’s ‘CiderPress’ Ciders. It will be like trying cider for the first time!


Our customers frequently tell us that Vinoka’s ‘CiderPress’ Ciders are the best ciders on the market. We can finish them dry or medium dry, depending on your preference. Customers continually tell us that our ciders are not nearly as sweet as commercial ciders. Each kit contains Apple Juice Concentrate for fermentation, Vinoka’s Natural Fruit flavour Mix, Yeast and other ingredients necessary for you to make a premium quality cider. ‘CiderPress’ Ciders can be finished still (without carbonation), or sparkling (with carbonation). They are offered in 23 litre kits. They are available in Apple, Crossbow, Pear, Crabapple, Apple-Lime, Peach, Blackberry, Strawberry, Wildberry, Black Cherry, Raspberry, Cranberry and Kiwi. Our customers have also experimented making ciders with Tropical, Citrus Dry and Pineapple-Orange and have developed some fabulous beverages. In only 3 weeks, your Cider will be ready to enjoy! The Revelstoke U-Brew filters and carbonates in-house. They will be ready to enjoy the minute you bottle them. CiderPress Ciders have exceptional balance with incredible completeness in aroma and taste.  Serve them chilled.  Once they are bottled they are ready to enjoy. Keep Ciders in a cool, dark place. Shelf life is 4 to 6 months or longer if refrigerated. A 23L kit produces 46 bottles (500ml size). Each kit produces 5% alcohol by volume.



PINK GRAPEFRUIT CIDER:  We’ve combined one of the largest and most popular citrus fruits – the pink grapefruit – with an apple base to create a combination of tart and sweet that you and your friends will fall in love with! We know you’ll drink it for fun, but did you know that pink grapefruit is healthy for your immune system and contains more vitamin A than its white cousin? Pink grapefruit cider will make you feel great all summer long!


CROSSBOW: If you like Strongbow, then you must try this. This cider is a classic, dry English Cider. As close as you can get without purchasing the real thing. A customer favourite at the Revelstoke U-Brew, this cider has the LEAST amount of added sugar out of all CiderPress kits. 

APPLE: The delicate acidity of the Granny Smith and the fine aromas of the Spartan, Gala and Golden Delicious make fine Apple Ciders popular and enjoyable for every occasion. Finished dry or medium dry, Sparkling or Still, they taste fresh from the tree!


PEAR: Anjou and Williams, pear varieties with rich, yet gentle, fine aromas, unfold their incredibly pleasing character in Pear Cider. Pear Cider can be finished medium dry to medium sweet, Sparkling or Still, to enjoy the best display of Fall Harvest fragrance and flavour any time of year!


CRABAPPLE:* The small fruits of the robust, cold climate crabapples produce excellent aroma and acid balance. Vinoka has used this unique fruit, commonly found in jams and jellies, to make a matchless Crabapple Cider. Finished dry or medium dry, Sparkling or Still, this crisp, tangy cider, with its light raised hue of rosé, is an ornamental blossom at any table!


*Make a Hot Apple Cider, alcohol free, using a CiderPress Crabapple Cider kit! It will turn a long winter evening into a pleasurable memory with family and friends.


PEACH: The sweet, natural aromas and the creamy peach colors of this soft, tree-ripened fruit are fully transferred into rich and refreshing, sparkling or still Peach Ciders. They are a taste of summer all year round!


sparkling non-grape category
The Nectarine, a lusciously accented unique fruit cross of Apricot and Peach, is less sweet, almost a little tart yet just as refreshing.


BLACK CHERRY: CiderPress Black Cherry Cider encompasses the deep color and strong character of the special Black Cherry fruit. The rich and vibrant flavour, medium tart, makes a great Still or Sparkling Cider. Experience all the pleasures of fresh cherries when you entertain with this refreshment.


WILDBERRY: An insatiable blend of northern berries, including the unique Loganberry, is found in this delicious Wildberry Cider. Grab your parka! When you sip this frosty berry medley, you’ll feel like you’re in the North!


APPLE-LIME: Apple, combined with the thirst quenching spice of Lime, makes the wonderful blend available in our Apple-Lime Cider. Very pleasant when finished dry or medium dry, it can be still or sparkling.


RASPBERRY: Raspberry’s deep red, full, vine ripened flavour creates a delicate acid balance found in Vinoka’s Raspberry Cider, still or sparkling. (also seeRaspberry Breeze and try Raspberry Wine Cooler. Our kit contains a white grape concentrate base, but try it with red! They are excellent on their own or with chocolate desserts!)


CRANBERRY: Cranberry, with its agreeable tart interior and intriguing crimson exterior creates a delightful Cranberry Cider. This flavour is excellent for special occasions, festive turkey dinners and summer barbecues.


BLACKBERRY: Experience the velvety character with its full aroma and taste qualities in Vinoka’s Blackberry Cider. Medium dry, it can be finished still or sparkling. You’ll love its comprising character and engaging fragrance.


STRAWBERRY: Fresh picked off the stem, the sweet, ripe flavours and aromas of this shiny red berry are carefully transferred into the Strawberry Cider, finished medium sweet, still or sparkling. Add a dash of sunshine to any occasion by sharing these pick-me-ups with friends!


KIWI: Camouflaged in a brown fuzzy skin, Kiwi fruit (also known as Chinese gooseberries) harbor emerald green juicy flesh loaded with surprising aromatic and savory values. The Kiwi Ciders, medium sweet, sparkling or still, have a rich fruity character and bouquet that make you feel like you’re in New Zealand! Try them with Oriental cuisine!


TROPICAL: This very popular flavour is a delicious medley of Mango, Papaya, Pineapple and sweet Orange, with a fragrance and taste that make you feel like you’re in the Tropics. Its lush, exotic flavour is outstanding as a sparkling Lone Cactus Tropical Wine Cooler and is occasionally used in Cider! Tip: try Tropical blended with Kiwi!