If you have that special day coming up, whether it be a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday or a milestone achievement, the Revelstoke U-Brew can provide you with champagne to celebrate!

All special days aside, sometimes it is just nice to have some bubbly around the house for those Sunday brunches, complete with mimosas.  Or when some unexpected guests drop by, wow them with some sparkling wine.  The choices for champagne are endless.  Pick any white wine in the store and tell us you want it carbonated! That’s it.  Some customers even carbonate white zinfandels and white merlots and create their own sparkling rose wines.  We have our own in house carbonated system, so the choices really are limitless.  However, the staff at the Revelstoke U-Brew can suggest a few varietals which are sure to please at any event, have proven success with other customers and always receive rave reviews!